A little about Joe Woolf
Joe Woolf at age 5 I was born in South Florida. I have been asked, "how long have you been a photographer?"
I found myself thinking back to being 5 years old and having a camera in my hand feeling passionate about taking pictures.  When I was 14 my neighbor, Bernard Scott, showed me black and white darkroom developing. That is when I first saw the magic of the image materialize from the blank paper. I contiued my photographic journey through high school and into community college.

I then decided it was my passion and would be my profession. I then attended RIT in Rochester, New York, where I graduated with a Bachelors Degree. Many years and many cameras later I find that my passion for photography has only grown as I have aged.

I absolutely love the magic of capturing images that tell stories.  The years of training go without saying...that produced the foundation of my work.  It is my customers, over the past 14 years, who have allowed me to learn and create.

Thanks for Your Interest:

-Joe Woolf

Joe Woolf Photographer and Artist